I Hate Snowplows

I know they perform a vital public service, but still, I really hate them sometimes.

A little backstory. It snowed quite a bit today. My mom and I spent about an hour cleaning the driveway off before it could turn to ice. Less then ten minutes later, a snowplow came flying by. Not only did it coat the top half of the driveway in nasty, dirty snow, it also destroyed the mailbox. (Not that it was really unexpected, this happens once or twice every winter.)

I went to move the pieces off the driveway, but I took some photos first. I’m seriously considering printing them out and mailing them to the county government.

Snowplow CarnageSnowplow Carnage Hosted on Zooomr

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Snow + Dogs = Fun

Meet Barclay, my rough collie. We’ve gotten a good few inches of snow, and he’s really enjoying it. Getting him to come in the house and eat his breakfast was quite a chore. It’s days like today that make me wish I had his furry coat. 🙂

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Times Flies like an Arrow: Butter Flies Like Nectar

Glass ButterflyGlass Butterfly Hosted on Zooomr

Headless Santa

I know it’s a bit late to be posting this, but who cares? Here’s a photo I took back in December (on Christmas Day, actually). Someone must’ve had a beef with St. Nick.

Headless Santa (Somebody's Been Naughty)Headless Santa (Somebody’s Been Naughty) Hosted on Zooomr

Lost Is Back with a Vengeance

I’m a hardcore Lost fan, but even I have to admit that the “mini-series” beginning of Season 3 wasn’t that good. Actually, it was pretty lame.

But that’s all changed. Episode 3.07, Not in Portland, is anything but lame. Actually, it’s one of my favorite episodes so far. Here’s some random thoughts about it:

  • The “Wookie prisoner gag” was awesome! ‘Nuff said.
  • I wasn’t expecting Juliet’s ex-husband to actually get hit by a bus. Were the Portland/Dharma guys behind it, or was it, as Locke would say, fate that drove her to the island?
  • It’s about time Danny got what was coming to him, but I wonder what the implications for Juliet will be. I doubt Ben is too keen on her killing his henchmen while he’s under the knife.
  • Alex’s character just got a lot more interesting. She obviously thinks she’s Ben’s daughter, but what about Danielle? There’s got to be more here than meets the eye.
  • Carl’s private screening of the latest Dharma flick was really, really weird. I bet people will be trying to dissect that film for a while.

It’s Time to Get Lost!

Lost comes back on tonight! Finally! Well, it was worth the wait. After all, we do get to watch all the rest of season 3 with no repeats!

Yes, I Do Like Photographing Food

I’m bored, OK?

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