I Hate Snowplows

I know they perform a vital public service, but still, I really hate them sometimes.

A little backstory. It snowed quite a bit today. My mom and I spent about an hour cleaning the driveway off before it could turn to ice. Less then ten minutes later, a snowplow came flying by. Not only did it coat the top half of the driveway in nasty, dirty snow, it also destroyed the mailbox. (Not that it was really unexpected, this happens once or twice every winter.)

I went to move the pieces off the driveway, but I took some photos first. I’m seriously considering printing them out and mailing them to the county government.

Snowplow CarnageSnowplow Carnage Hosted on Zooomr

The mailbox post. This part always seems to survive the season intact.

Snowplow Carnage, Post

The door for the newspaper holder.

Snowplow Carnage, Newspaper Holder Door

The newspaper holder.

Snowplow Carnage, Newspaper Holder

The mailbox itself. Oh, the poor little thing. It never had a chance.

Snowplow Carnage, Mailbox


One Comment on “I Hate Snowplows”

  1. ray says:

    You’ve obviously never plowed snow before. THE ONLY WAY TO MOVE SNOW OFF OF THE ROAD IS TO PUSH IT TO THE SIDE. This is something that most people do not understand, it is impossible for anybody to plow a road without throwing snow into someone’s driveway. The next time you drive down a street, take a look at the sides of the road and notice that its where all of the snow is, that’s the only place to put it. I would like you to explain to me a way of clearing snow off a road without windrowing it off to the side.

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