Hidden Feature: The Flickr Sidebar Widget Supports Zooomr

I’ve known about WordPress.com’s Flickr widget for quite a while, but I’m a hardcore Zooomr user, so I wasn’t too impressed with it.

Well, I was thinking it would be cool if it supported Zooomr too, so went to my dashboard and sent a quick feedback message. Less than a half hour later (did I mention that I love the support here?) I got a response from Mark saying that it already worked with Zooomr. I copy-and-pasted my photo feed URL into the widget options, and, sure enough, it does work!

I did a little searching, and apparently Hogg discovered this way back in December. Maybe the developers should make it clearer that the widget supports sites other that Flickr.

PS: I know this is basically a photoblog, so I guess having my photostream in the sidebar is kind of redundant. I’ll probably remove the widget soon, but I still wanted to share this little tip with anyone who’s interested.


Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

... Hosted on Zooomr

Rusty Windmill

Rusty WindmillRusty Windmill Hosted on Zooomr

Gnomic Buddies

My mom adopted this little guy a few days ago. He’s standing guard outside the front door right now. (Trust me, you really don’t want to get a gnome angry, or there will be bloodshed. :D)

Gnomic GardenerGnomic Gardener Hosted on Zooomr

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