About Me


OpenID is an open, distributed identity service. Basically, it’s single-sign-on on steroids. Any of these OpenIDs can be used to refer to me:


This tells you just about everything you need to know about me in one convenient code. (Yes, I’m too lazy to set the skin, hair, and eye colors. Maybe someday.)

sxy cm176 kg70 es= sp= Ag1990.October_9 anE.German;Mexican;Norwegian;Welsh hdd
GM-6DN ZoB&H rlC LAEN(9) CrL Ed? HbCoding&Playing_chess&Reading&Taking_pictures&
^Watching_Lost&Watching_NASCAR Pll MvD Rl+ PeT.3_males,_1_female MBINTP FHs&S
BA! UFAJ&Greg AdC&I PrC&C++&C#&CSS&HTML&JavaScript&PHP&Python&Visual_Basic&XML

Decode it here.